Shaping Up

If you’re doing all the right things in the gym but still reaching for the chocolate biscuits, we’ve a solution. Put the biscuits on a high shelf so at least you’re doing some stretching! Plus, chose a supplement mix that helps reduce your appetite.

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£19.99 per month
Shaping Up
  • Monday
    Chitosan & Vit C | Kelp | Multivitamin & Iron |
  • Tuesday
    Chitosan & Vit C | Kelp | Multivitamin & Iron |
  • Wednesday
    Chitosan & Vit C | Kelp | Multivitamin & Iron |
  • Thursday
    Chitosan & Vit C | Kelp | Multivitamin & Iron |
  • Friday
    Chitosan & Vit C | Kelp | Multivitamin & Iron |
  • Saturday
    Chitosan & Vit C | Kelp | Multivitamin & Iron |
  • Sunday
    Chitosan & Vit C | Kelp | Multivitamin & Iron |

more about the supplements & vitamins in this pack:

Below you can read more about the individual supplements within this pack and find out more about why we've put them together.

  • Chitosan & Vit C
    Chitosan is a sugar derived from the shells of shellfish such as crab, prawn and lobster. It is used in the pharmaceutical industry to bind onto certain molecules to act as a carrier and may perform a similar role within the bloodstream, binding to fats or cholesterol. Any use of this supplement to support a healthy weight should be accompanied by a calorie controlled diet and appropriate exercise routine, as there is no robust clinical evidence that Chitosan alone will contribute to weight loss.
  • Kelp
    Kelp is a good source of Iodine, important for proper Thyroid gland, which in turn regulates metabolic rate / metabolism. Typical dietary sources of Iodine are seafood, cereals, vegetables and meat.
  • Multivitamin & Iron
    This is a product formulation that contains the most common vitamins your body needs with the addition of iron. Although it contains many essential vitamins, it should still be used in conjunction with, and not as a substitute for, a balanced and varied diet.
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