Immunity Boost

There are regular times of the year, as well as, times in life where your immune system needs some extra support. Our immunity formulation provides the core supplements that aid your immune system, helping you and yours to defend yourselves.

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£18.49 per month
Immunity Boost
  • Monday
    Echinacea | Vitamin C and Rose Hip | Zinc Gluconate |
  • Tuesday
    Echinacea | Selenium ACE | Vitamin C and Rose Hip |
  • Wednesday
    Echinacea | Vitamin C and Rose Hip | Zinc Gluconate |
  • Thursday
    Echinacea | Selenium ACE | Vitamin C and Rose Hip |
  • Friday
    Echinacea | Vitamin C and Rose Hip | Zinc Gluconate |
  • Saturday
    Echinacea | Selenium ACE | Vitamin C and Rose Hip |
  • Sunday
    Echinacea | Vitamin C and Rose Hip | Zinc Gluconate |

more about the supplements & vitamins in this pack:

Below you can read more about the individual supplements within this pack and find out more about why we've put them together.

  • Echinacea
    Traditionally used to boost the immune system, there is actually a real mix of evidence regarding it's effectiveness in keeping winter sickness at bay. We recommend a maximum of an 8 week boost over the winter months.
  • Selenium ACE
    Selenium is an essential trace element, gained through plant materials that are eaten, which themselves take it up from the soil in which they grow. UK soil tends to have a lower Selenium content that the USA, so levels ingested can fall below recommended intakes. Selenium is an antioxidant and acts with Vitamin E to prevent cell damage. It also effects immune response, thyroid function and is being tested for it's potential role in fighting several other diseases.
  • Vitamin C and Rose Hip
    Vitamin C is best known for its powerful antioxidant properties and is often used during the winter months to boost the immune system. Although higher dosages have been shown to reduce the duration of a cold in some studies, there is actually little clear evidence of prevention in normal populations. The antioxidant properties of Vitamin C will help to reduce free radicals that damage cells, which can have a positive effect on immune function. Rose Hips are the small bauble-like fruits that grow on the rose plant after it blossoms. They are extremely high in Vitamin C and contain beta carotene, bioflavinoids, and considerable pectin as well as significant amounts of Vitamin A.
  • Zinc Gluconate
    Zinc is an essential trace element, involved in hundreds of different enzyme reactions within your body and essential for wound healing and necessary for maintenance of bone health along with Calcium and Vitamin C. It also has a role to play in supporting the immune system, and often seen in products designed to offer immune defence, although lab studies have shown mixed evidence against the common cold virus (rhinovirus).
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